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A world of fine arts is vast, and there are many things to be told about it. To convey it all in a short introductory article like this is impossible, but a sneak peek into what this site, Lira’s Fine Art, contains should do. In this introductory article we want to welcome you into the world of fine arts and show you the greatness and vastness of it, by cruising through everything that fine art really is.

images (4)Fine arts are not limited to paintings which are a mistake many people make. And when it comes to paintings many limit them to basic oil paintings only, which is another mistake. In the world of fine arts both paintings and drawings are included, and tools with they were made are many and they include charcoals, markers, silverpoint, crayons and so on. But fine arts isn’t everything, so things like lines between dots, impurities on sheets of paper and similar things are not considered as art.

Tesserae are small pieces of either glass or stone that are used to create images that are called mosaics. Images that are created with tesserae can be decorative or functional. Only decorative images are considered as fine art.

369f8bfbb3282d0ebf760ca023ff8dd8Calligraphy is also considered as fine art and many people call it the art of fancy lettering. Modern calligraphy is different than the traditional. In traditional calligraphy main point was to present the letters in harmonious and expressive way, while modern calligraphy aims to convey messages through inscriptions while not compromising the legibility of the letters.

Photography is also a fine art, but don’t mix artistic photography with random photos that are called art today. Photography as an art is only considered if the photo conveys the artist’s vision. Photography as an art is also used to convey messages amount certain causes. There is a saying which states that one picture can tell us more than thousand words, and that saying is referring to this type of photography. For example, Ansel Adams has raised awareness and gained political support for protection of Sierra Nevada through his pictures only.


Telling you that sculptures are fine art is probably unnecessary. But it can be mentioned is that sculptures can be art even though they are not carved from piece of marble, stone, metal or wood. A sculpture can be also assembled from parts, built up on the basis or something or welded, molded, cast or fired.

f2278a1b84b5755ff8092ed6d01cf196Fine arts are also plays in the theatre, certain movies, and some architectural creations and so on. Everything that is exceptional in its own field may enter the world of fine arts. It only depends on people that are the target audience of the art. Mediocre art is same as mediocre structure, it will never be considered exceptional and thus it will never be fine art.

If you take your time and scroll through our site you will find a lot of info about fine art and its forms. We hope that in future you will be able to read our articles and watch videos that correspond them, and videos will be of high quality made by video production austin.

Author: John Santee

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