How to present your art to attract more viewers and buyers

It is the dream of most artists to present their work to the public and be accepted in the artistic circles. If you can also live from selling your art, it is a dream come true for probably every artist in the world. However, just like making art requires a lot of time and hard work, presenting and selling it may require even more. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to present your artwork successfully, in order to attract viewers and buyers.

First of all, when you decide to exhibit your work, you need to find an adequate space. This does not necessarily involve a museum or a gallery, but depending on the type of art it can also be a bar, a craft shop or even a street. Think of the concept of your art and according to that, choose the space which would fit best with your artwork.

Taking-Pictures-at-SWFA-3When you find the space where you want to exhibit, you need to think of the concept. This means that the exhibition should make sense and pieces of art should be connected to one another in order to make a whole. You should not randomly pick out the pieces of art to exhibit, but you should try to create a story, which will attract the viewers and keep them until they look everything.

9cf4e1789e13416ad98080b0adb5a2ceFitting colors and shapes of your artwork is also important, in order to make every piece of it easier to stand out and to be spotted and observed. Even though the pieces need to create a story, they should still be possible to be viewed separately, which is why you should avoid cramming everything together and pay attention to matching colors, shapes and the concept.

Social networks have become inevitable in many aspects of life, and they can be used to a large extent when you want to promote your work. They are great for activity and getting people involved, and they make a good portion of guerrilla marketing. This is why you should create social network accounts where you will display your art, and you can also use them for advertising (for example, Facebook ads).

Creating a good website is also important. No matter if people see your account on a social network or they see your piece of work in person, when they want to see more, they will look for your website first. You can create a great online portfolio, again paying attention to combine everything correctly, just like you would when displaying your art at a certain location.

You can also add a blog, because it tells your story, makes people interested and makes the process of creating art closer and more familiar to them.

If you want to attract buyers, you should also consider advertising, and there are plenty of options here. Depending on your budget, you can use Facebook ads and guerrilla marketing strategies. However, you can also consider video ads to put online, on art-related websites and blogs.

There are several professional companies for video production Austin has to offer, which is a good step because they can help you create an ad that will fit the concept of your art and personality.

Author: John Santee

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